From a Surplus to a Deficit

While John Gregg was Speaker of the House, Indiana went from having a $2 billion budget surplus to a budget deficit of close to $1 billion.

Because of the deficit that the state incurred under Gregg’s watch, state services were cut and state employee salaries were frozen.

During these tough times, Gregg proudly backed a measure to expand benefits for state legislators.


“Money to educate Indiana’s children has been slashed. Thousands of families are waiting for needed services. State employees have had their salaries frozen. State parks have closed facilities. The cuts occurred after Indiana’s $2 billion surplus collapsed into a nearly $1 billion deficit. So how did state legislators respond to the financial crisis? By giving retired lawmakers another perk, a generous health insurance benefit subsidized by taxpayers. Gregg, now working as an attorney at an Indianapolis law firm, said he plans to take advantage of the insurance himself.”

(Editorial, “Legislative Perk Is A Crying Shame,” Indianapolis Star, 4/01/03)

“Indiana has a $1 billion budget crisis, and the red ink could worsen”

(Solida, Michelle, “Gov. O’bannon Defends Indiana’s credit rating,” Indianapolis Star, 12/05/01)