Enron John


When he was still a legislator, a position that paid him thousands in Indiana taxpayer dollars, Gregg did legal work for scandal-ridden Enron.

He accepted thousands in contributions from Enron’s political action committee.

Enron even received a special tax break around the same time Gregg was working for them.


“Number one, The Indianapolis Star was on me because I had represented a company in Knox County that had built a power plant. An attorney doing legal work out of Louisville had called and asked me if I’d help him do some of the zoning. I do a lot of zoning work; it’s a large percentage of my income from the Vincennes law office. The company would pay me but I worked with their independent attorney.”

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Knox County Officials Approved A Property Tax Abatement For The Enron Power Plant.

“In Knox County, officials rezoned a farm field northeast of Wheatland and approved a property-tax abatement for a combustion turbine electricity-generating station proposed by Enron, an energy company based in Houston.”

(“Opposition To Power Plants Grows,” The Associated Press, 3/31/00)


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